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    Problem with Web Ticketing

    Tanguy Dechiron



      I succeeded to connect with web tickets in a local configuration (on my own computer), and I tryed to reproduce the same on a distant server.


      On my web application, I reach the access point, my username appears but I can't see any applications...


      When I'm connecting on the server I can see all the apps => Server is set to DMS and all the apps have authentication set to "all users"


      I think there is a problem because in the access point the "Sign out" link don't work (on the server it's working well)


      Here is my authentication configuration:






          <GetTicket url="/QvAjaxZfc/GetTicket.aspx" />

          <GetWebTicket url="/QvAjaxZfc/GetWebTicket.aspx">




          <HttpAuthentication url="https://_/scripts/GetTicket.asp" scheme="Basic" />

          <HttpAuthentication url="/QvAJAXZfc/Authenticate.aspx" scheme="Ntlm" />



      The second TrustedIP is the ip of the server where the web application is hosted.