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    Set analysis - using sum totals for each year in column

      Hi everyone,


      I'm starting to learn the set analysis and I'm stuck on using a sum total for each year in a column. Can anyone help me?


      What I'm trying to achieve is (to use the simplest example) something like this:


      Year    Product    Quantity    Percentage

      2007    A    15    17,65%

      2007    B    20    23,53%

      2007    C    40    47,06%

      2007    D    10    11,76%

      2008    A    5    33,33%

      2008    B    10    66,67%


      The percentage is of course the Quantity / Total Quantity per Year and I can't use one variable here because years here are different and first four rows take a sum of Quantity 2007 and fifth and sixth rows take sum of Quantity 2008. I don't know how to achieve that in one table. I'm attaching an qvw and xlsx but an explanation for example as simple as above will suffice I think.


      Thanks so much in advance for your help.


      Best regards,