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    Macro to open specific sheet of another dashboard

      Hello Community,


      I've got a problem with a macro which should open a specific sheet of another dashboard.

      In my first dashboard I have a button by which I use a trigger with the action "open qlikview document" to open my second dashboard. So far it works.

      Now I want my second dashboard to be opened and also a specific sheet of it. So I searched for a macro which is able to do that.


      SUB OpenSH11MarketShareSwitzerland


      set app=activedocument.getapplication

      set newdoc=app.opendoc("MarketShare_BRZ_International.qvw","","")

      /* also tried: set newdoc=app.opendoc("D:\QlikView\SourceDocuments\International\MarketShare_BRZ_International.qvw","","") */

      newdoc.activatesheetbyid "SH11"


      END SUB


      My Problem is, when I try to open it in the source document, it works, BUT when I try to open it via AccessPoint of QlikView, it does not work.


      I don't know what the problem is, so perhaps anyone has a suggestion or has solved a problem like this in the past.


      Thanks for your help in advance!