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    Section Access % of Total

    Scott Springer

      I am looking to use section access to limit the data that users are able to see when they login.  For example, our company spends various amounts with vendors - ACME company - $500,000 that is spread across 3 different departments (i.e. Finance, Facilities, IT). 


      I want to limit what the user sees based on their Department - so when someone from Finance logs in they will see $150,000 that their department spent with ACME.  HOWEVER, I would also like them to be able to see that there is $350,000 or 70% of additional spend with ACME in other departments, just not be able to see the detailed transactions or information.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Add a summary table with the amounts per vendor per department and give the department field in that table another name then the field you use for reduction by section access. That way all departments will be able to see the complete summary table, but only the detail for their own department.