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    Server Object creation improvement from 9 to 11 & restriction

    m m

      Hi Everyone


      1. Can you restrict users from creating server objects totally. (allow some and deny others)
      2. can you partially restrict server object creation based on their quota. If you reach certain size, you cannot do it.
      3. We have lot of users on version 9 who creates server objects. Hard to manage it. Plus it slows performance. Has there been
        1. improvement in server object creation from version 9 to 11
        2. How do you manage lot of users who create lot of objects, can admin view them individually and remove them.



      Your detail answer will help.



        • Re: Server Object creation improvement from 9 to 11 & restriction
          Peter Cammaert
          1. No (Yes, if you block access to the document for users that aren't allowed to create shared objects)
          2. No (Server objects are external to the QVW model itself)
          3. 1. Wouldn't know. Speed in 11.2 certainly hasn't improved but that may have other reasons. You'll need more RAM.
            2. Yes, admin can manage shared objects from the QMC or using tools like Power Tools 1.1


          Hope this helps,