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    YTD based on selections

      Dear all,


      I am currently working on a solution that I need your help to solve.


      We want to be able to select on year (År), month(Måned), quarter(kvaral). When doing these selections we want to present numbers for the period chosen YTD. In other words, if I do a selection on 2013 and march I want to see, jan feb and march for 2013. I found the below z-analysis.



      sum({<MånedÅr={'>=$(=date(yearstart(max(MånedÅr)),'MM-YYYY')) <=$(=date(max(MånedÅr),'MM-YYYY'))'}>}FaktBeløp)


      This expression enables me to do a selection in the below list box(månedår).


      I also want to be able to perform selections in all calendar fundtions (all).


      In advance, thanks