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    Partial coloring of bars in a chart?

    Peter Schulz



      I have a simple bar chart.


      Dimension is OrderID, and expression is only(LT). Values for LT(=LeadTime) are like 100, 150,54... days.


      Assume the normal color of the bar is blue. I was wondering if it is possible to add a 2nd color.via Background Color


      So that the part from 50 - 150 is colored green(). Is this possible? With every condition I tried I was only able to change the color of the whole bar.


      I know how to do this with a stacked bars , but this is not what I want.


      Thank you in advance..



      PS: Is it possible, in a grouped bar chart, to define the "padding" between the groups without a separate expression?  In std. layout the bars are very close.