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    why after Binary load i get error msg when i press control T ?

      Hi All


      I all get the below error msg :-


      binary load get error msg.png

      I have a file 000_qvd_v20357.qvw , this file it working fine since i started my QV project , and i keep expending it , it read all my raw data file. and i

      name this file as QVD generator. because it generate all my QVD file , and i have another QV doc which is use for U.I. that read these QVD file. Since now

      i understand the power loading  using binary , i try to make use of the below script for try out binary load :-



      Binary "c:\users\paul yeo\dropbox\0_q_development\0 qv snp development\0 q_qvd\000_qvd_v20357.qvw";



      After finish loading , when i press control T , i get below error :-



      QlikView 9.00 SR7 has stopped work

      A problem caused the program to stop working

      windows will cloaed the program and notify you




      Any one can share with me how to aviod getting error ?


      if i load with small file , it work fine . so i think it must be my script is having some code which is not allow binary loading.


      Enclosed my QV doc , this is the doc which generate all QVD file is working fine.