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    mismatch between raw data and QV output

      Hi All,


      I am facing a very weird problem. I found that many numbers in my QV file are not matching with the actual raw numbers that are linked to the QV file. What is so wierd is that this discrepency in number is coming even when i don't use any functions(say sum, max, etc).

      Most of the numbers in my QV are off by say around  +- 20 compared to the actual raw numbers.


      Example: I have visits in my raw data as 334,392,096 but QV is showing it as 334,392,088. Same is happening for almost all metrics ( but not for all metrics).


      I have not faced any such error earlier when I developed few dashboards. Is it because of some setting these numbers are going off?  I am very sure that I have applied all the filter conditions properly.