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    Edit Reports

      I'm having a securtiy problem with my reports as a user can change and even copy reports of a qvw file on the accesspoint.

      Is it possible to switch the 'edit reports' option off on the accesspoint?


      As for the moment I'm having a security problem:

      via the conditional show I gave users access to some reports but via the option 'edit reports / report settings' they can simply undo this conditional show.


      As a temporary solution I switched the 'allow server reports' off, so now they can't see any of them in the report drop down.

      Although via the Menu on the accesspoint they can still find them via the 'edit report' option...

      So I put off the print option for the document.. but still they can access them via a copy to a user report instead of a document report!


      So does anyone know if the 'edit report' option can't be turned off? Or is this a bug?

      I'm using QV 11 SR2


      Many thanks in advance