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    Qlikview server 11.20

    Sajad Manzoor

      I have installed Qlikview server 11.20, now how to create qvw in server, Once created , how can i  publish it to server

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          Israr Khan

          put your document in the following directory,

          it will load automatically, you dont need to do anything..



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            Peter Cammaert

            Drop your new document (.qvw) in the Document Root.

            On a modern Windows server this is C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents. QlikView server will automatically pick up this new document and make it available in the AccessPoint.

            Navigate to the AP (open browser and enter URL http: //servername/qlikview - replace servername with the actual hostname of your QlikView server) and click on the thumbnail that represents your new document.


            Note: first you'll have to assign CALs to specific users if you want to make this document available to others.