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    Fiscal Calendar with shift in months

    Peter Schulz



      I would like to create a fiscal calendar, generated from min/max values of a field. I found several ways/solutions and it works fine.


      To make this complete I have to integrate a shift in my fiscal periods.


      To say it in pseudo script:

      (Assuming every day is a workday)

      Start fp = Monthstart - 2 Days ... or in other words: The last 2 days of the previous month belong to the actual fiscal period.


      And because, this would be too easy there are some constraints or side-conditions:


      Saturday,Sunday and Holidays increase the days to be shifted. At the moment I flag the row with 2 fields "Isweekend" and "Isholiday".



      March 2013 (01.03.2013 - 31.01.2013)

      FP12 starts at 28.02.2013

      FP12 ends at 26.03.2013

      FP01 starts at 27.03.2013


      29.03. Holiday

      30.03. Saturday

      31.03. Sunday & Holiday

      01.04. Holiday (should not matter)


      So I have to check if it is weekend or holiday or both and define the shift accordingly...


      My brain is melting away, if someone has a solution or a hint I would really appreciate it.


      Thank you,