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    Support for Windows 8.1

    Emmanuelle Bustos

      Hello, Does anybody knows if QVServer 11.2 SR4 has o will have compatibility and support for Windows 8.1 and its IEPlugin 11? Several custmers are upgrading their pc's to this OS and having troubles with the IEPlugin.

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          Emmanuelle Bustos

          Hi Everyone


          I contacted Qliktech support and told me:

          Microsoft just recently pulled Windows 8.1 and with that there isn't any current support for anything past 8. I would assume at the earliest IE 11 would be supported would be 11.20 SR5 but can't confirm anything at this time.

          Then for any Windows 8.1 user have to wait until next releases either SR5 or SR6 right.

          Although that may change in the near future but for now they will have to wait for future Service Release.


          Best regards!