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    show something in diagram if field is selected

      Hi togehter,

      is it possible to write "error" in a diagram, if a field is selected ?

      I want to build a chart for all my Qlikview ETL processes using a traffic light graphic shows the current status.

      By the way I've already seen here in the forum well-functioning applications. Unfortunately, these are far too complex for me and therefore need a smaller application.

      I have here in the forum already a macro that select a field on errors when my applikation starts ( macro autostart).

      This macro will automatically detect if an error has crept. So far so good


      Now I have to rely on your advice.

      My Question: How can I in dependence with that illustrated selection (see chart), a value written in my diagram ?

      For example, something like that:


      Note: In this example I am assuming that the other fields are not selected and therefore no error is shown.

      Thank you very much for advice.


      Best Regards,