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    access point error

    Raj vadde

      These days very often we see this error  in access point. sometime it works fine and when we use  full browser version then it works fine


      just want to understand what might be the reason....


      we have IEplugin installed and have access to this dashboard.....









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          Raj vadde

          And one more question ..can we customize....access point i dont want clear button and bookmark buttoin on the top as i'm providing them in the application

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            Bill Britt

            This error will happen if port 4747 is not open between the client and the server that QVS is running on. The plugin talkes straight to QVS on port 4747 and doesn't go through the webserver once the document tries to open.


            If you can't open the port you can enable tunneling to make it work.


            On your second question not sure what you are talking about. The AccessPoint doesn't have these buttons.



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                Raj vadde

                Thanks Everyone,


                I found this strange , when i open my rich client and try to open the dashboard from web(using IE plugin and Internet explorer). it won't open ..


                and it works fine when i close my rich client


                actually this the reason, and failing to open my application from access point


                does anyone know reason for this ??


                and @bill britt


                I want to customize my access point


                plz find the attched screenshot . I want to re-arrange those icon differently for each application.


                Access point customize.jpg