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    How to use a "nested" variable values in a chart?

      Hello fellows,


      I'm trying to create a waterfall chart where each column is different value of some economic effects related to sales. Each column represents a value of a calculated variable. I came up with an idea that I will load thsese variables' names from Excel and then un-husk their values using num() function. Please see my attached .qvw file.


      Unfortunately, it doesn't work in a chart (or straight table) when I put  =num(variable_name, '# ##0,00') in expressions. I don't know what is the proper syntax here. Can anyone help me?


      I would like to change the variables from numeric form to expressions in my final file, e.g. eSales_2007 from '21' to '=Sum(Sales)' etc. Will it still work in chart then?


      I assume that this problem is trivial, however, If I need to change my solution beside syntax, I would be also very thankful for any suggestions (especially if there is some easier way than uising an additional xlsx file, but this is not a problem of course). Thanks so much in advance for your help.



      Best regards,