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    filter records using OR-statement

    perry van der meijden



      I have a 'problem' related to filtering records. I have a dataset like:

      businessact. 1act. 2act. 3act. 4act. 5act. 6act. 7.....

      now I have created a combobox (using the LOAD * INLINE function ) with all activities. Selecting the activities in the combobox should result in a filter on the dataset.


      example results:

      combobox selectionresult
      act. 1b1, b3
      act. 1, act. 2b1, b2, b3, b4
      act. 2, act. 6b1, b2, b4
      act. 5, act. 6b2, b4

      I need to create a sort of OR-statement....but I have no idea where to start. Most filters are based on the AND-statement (selecting act. 1 and act. 2 would result only in b1).


      Anyone an idea?


      Thanks in advance.