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    Where does my project go when I run it?

    Andrea Kile

      I know this may have a simple answer; however, I have never used Expressor before and I was put in charge of figuring it out and teaching it to others. I just want to ensure that I cannot mess up any of my files or database tables when I run a project. What I am currently trying to do is read two database tables, join them, then write the result to another table. I don't understand where my data will go once I run the project.

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          Assuming that you have properly configured the Write Table operator, the joined data from the other two tables will be written into the target table.  No changes will be made to the data in the source tables.


          Note that the Write Table operator has a Truncate property, which if set will truncate the target table before writing content.  This is convenient as you are developing an application, but may be something you don't want to do once the application is running and deployed.