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    Selection of rows



      I would to give the user the option to select some rows he wants. I can do it by the drop-down list and Ctrl+click but I'd rather have a tick-box or something similar for the rows you want. I think I have seen a similar question from some years ago but it wasn't answered. So is there a possibility to do that in QV?



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          Jonathan Dienst



          You can easily add check boxes to the list box - on the presentation tab of the list box properties, select one of the checkbox options in Selection Style Override.


          No so easy to add to a table. The first problem is that if you make a selection on a pivot table, it immediately reduces to the selected data so you cant select something else.




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              Thanks for that tip, I could use that as an alternative.


              But I would really like to have that option on a table rather than a list. Just a field where you can select a row but this does not affect the table or filter something out. Like "locking" or excluding this row and moving on.

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                    Nice to know but doesn't really help. A way to do it is by having some list boxes (depending on the selection's needs) and checkboxes besides, as Jonathan said.

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                        Jonathan Dienst

                        Well you could combine the tip for preventing row suppression in a pivot table with a graphical field that would conditionally display a checked box if the element is in the current selections or an unchecked box if not.


                        Info load (or Bundle load) two png images, (one for each of checked and unchecked) or use the included images (check.png and cross.png).


                        The expression to check if the field value is in the selections would be something like


                             =If(Wildmatch($(=Concat(FieldName, ',')), FieldName), 'qmem://<bundled>/BuiltIn/check.png',      'qmem://<bundled>/BuiltIn/cross.png')


                        (assuming that FieldName is also a dimension - you might find other ways on this forum with the correct search)


                        I haven't tested this, so you may need to play around a bit to get it working. Once you have the expression correctly displaying the graphic's name, select Image in the Representation box in the Expressions tab, and play with the image formatting options.


                        With luck and a little patience, you should land up with a pivot table with a check box showing selections. You can drag the checkbox expression so that it is next to the dimension. Bear in mind that If you have multiple dimensions, clicking on the checkbox will select ALL of the dimension as is just another field...


                        You can do this as a dimension as well. To get a graohic as a dimension, you will define a calculated dimension and then click Advanced on the Dimensions tab. The Representation and Image Formatting are in the Advanced dialog. Although clicking on the graphic may not select what you would necessarily expect!


                        Good luck!


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                            Thanks! I will try that, but it seems a little complicated!


                            An easier way would be to have the possibility to Ctrl and click on a field and choose as many as you want until you leave the Ctrl. Just like as you do in the drop-down list. Is there a way to do that by clicking on fields and not on the list?


                            You can of course drag and choose some rows but if they are not consecutive then you have a problem. And the thing is that if you want to choose 5 rows out of 200 you need to remember or write down the value of the differentiating field. Not very convenient...

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                    Normélio Junior

                    Hello !


                    Friend, this can be done , but in a mechanically well with various controls. I already did once some time ago, however I do not have the document qvw . I'll try to explain all the possible cases that I remember.


                    1 - First selection in this " Table " you want , can only be done via a button and not click more for free .


                    2 - Create a field in your SCRIPT " Control " in the same field over the granularity macro that his " Table " will , with values from 0 to N. ..


                    3 - In the options Share this field " Control " , make all selection results in a clean selection of the same field .


                    4 - Still in Stock selection options for this field " Control " , make a variable that stores all the selections made in the sequence.


                    5 - Create a button to make the selection according to what is stored in the variable that has the values of controls and stored after it done , clear the contents of the variable .


                    It is that, but remember that it will have many limitations , such as selecting competing values , ie values that are not in the same selection.


                    I'll try to get this document qvw that had this functionality .


                    I hope I have given you a light for their development .


                    Hug !