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    [11.2] Strict search in a listbox

    Nicolas Stefaniuk

      Hello all.


      I have a dumb question that bothers me: I would like to do a strict search in a listbox but I can't remember how to process.


      My listbox is based on a number field:








      If I type "75" in the search of the listbox, I find 5 values, all containing "75". I would like to select only 1 value, "75", because it's the only one that perfectly matches my search. I don't want to find 5 values and click with my mouse to keep only 1. In my example I have only 5 values but in my application I have hundred values that contain "75".


      I have tried to change behavior of the listbox without effect.

      I have tried to enclose search by double quotes without effect.

      I have tried "=75" but it doesn't work

      I have tried to search ">=75<=75" and it works, but I don't want to use a such complicated search string.


      Same question for a case sensitive search, is it possible ?


      Thanks a lot