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    What's wrong with my Alert expression?



      I am attempting to set up an alert that checks a threshold after my dashboard refreshes (currently reloading every 6 minutes). This monitors eCommerce traffic so it's pretty important to the business.


      In the alert menu, I have the condition set as the following:




      I am already using this same expression (minus the <.75) as a gauge in my dashboard to monitor and it works fine. The output of the expression is a value between 0 and 1 with the following thresholds for the gauge:


      0-.74 =RED

      .75-.99 = YELLOW

      1 or greater = GREEN


      I am simply trying to replicate this expression as a push alert that pops up or sends an email when the RED threshold is released, in other words, when the value is less than .75


      The output to my understanding needs to be true or false values, which looks to be the case in the expression above (either 0 or -1 is returned). What am I doing wrong?