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    Help with dynamic Cross table...

      hello everyone..

      I am facing a problem..

      What I want is to create a dynamic cross table using straight table or Pivot table in Qlikview..

      It goes lyk dis:

                                    ----Current Period----               -----------Previous Period------------    

                                    Sep-13          Sep-12               Mar13-Sep-13               Mar-12-Sep13    


      Cost Price               100               150                         3000                              3250

      Selling Price          120                200                         4200                              5000

      Profit                         20                    50                         1200                              1750


      Here, the values :

      1.  sep-13 is the max(MonthYear) i.e the current month

      2.  Sep-12 is the max(MonthYear)-12  i.e same month last year

      3.  Mar-13 - Sep-13  is the last six MonthYear period

      4. Mar-12 - Sep-12 is the last six months period for the last year.


      what i wanna say is, the dimensions are calculated. i.e. all these four values will be coming from different expression but I want them to be displayed in a single header row.


      Please help..