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    Lease license

    Ali Hijazi


      I got a named Cal given for user X=Corp\X

      there is another user Y=Corp\Y

      the user Y wants to lease license on his local QlikView Client

      Can user Y use Open in Server feature and lease license by logging using user X credentials?


      I tried it but client is not leasing license

      Please advise

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Depends. If you use Active Directory for authentication then user Y won't be able to login on as user X.

          Also a user can lease a license from only two different workstations in a 24 hour period:


          QlikView License Leasing Technical Brief Paper.pdf

          Multiple License Leases

          A single user can lease up to two licenses to two separate workstations within a 24 hour period. An attempt to lease a third license in a 24 hour period will be revoked if the same User ID is used. Additionally, the existing license lease of the third machine, should there be one previously existing, will be revoked in the case where the same User ID has leased a license from two other workstations in the previous 24 hour period. The third machine will however be able to lease a license after 24 hours have passed.

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            Dave Riley

            This seems to work for me. I use this method when I need to do the odd bit of development of a document physically on the server - I have installed QV desktop on the server and can lease a licence using my network login credentials. In fact I've just checked and it is still leasing one from when I used it earlier this week.