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    Incremental load - PK and time

    Jerry Lau

      I am currently implementing incremental loading in SD and MM module tables

      As I am not familiar with SAP tables, can anyone share your experience?  Thanks!



      VBAK - (VBELN)

      VBUK - (VBELN)








      For all those item-level tables

      - is that appropriate to use the term in brackets as PK?  for vbfa can anyone suggest a pk for me?

      - for those which do not have create/change date attribute e.g. VBKD, should I refer to VBAK's create and change date?

      - then for table like VBAP, it has its own create/change date, then should i use these or refer to VBAK again?

      - do i need to consider "deletion" in these tables?


      For VBUK, is it considered as a header table?

      It carries a change date but not a create date, then should i refer to VBAK again (for create date only, or both create and change date)?






      PK of MKPF is MJAHR-MBLNR (year + mat. doc.) ?

      PK of MSEG is MJAHR-MBLNR-ZEILE (year + mat. doc. + mat. doc. item) ?

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          VBAK - (VBELN) -> ok for PK

          VBUK - (VBELN) -> ok

          VBAP - (VBELN-POSNR)-> ok

          VBKD - (VBELN-POSNR) -> Refer to VBAK or VBAP depending on POSNR. VBKD is linked with header VBAK when POSNR='' or linked to VBAP when POSNR <>''.

          VBEP - (VBELN-POSNR-ETENR) -> ok

          VBPA - (VBELN-POSNR-PARVW) -> ok

          VBFA contain the flow beetween different Sales documents. For example, when VBTYP_N = 'J', it contains the link beetween the delivery and it's sales order. Do not use VBFA-AEDAT as it seems not to be updated when you modify something in the flow. For example, no change for AEDAT when you create a deliverry for a sales order.

          VEDA - (VBELN-VPOSN)


          Delete can occurs in these tables, as you can delete a sales order or a position. You have to consider them.


          VBUK is linked to VBAK, it is the summary o the status for the sales order

          VBUP is linked to VBAP and contains the different status for the sales order position.


          MKPF is the header file for MSEG

          PK for MSEG linked to MKPF is MBLNR MJAHR


          Hope it helps,