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    Applications takes "Pauses"

    Sebastian Pereira

      Dear All.


      I have worked with many applications, even larger and more complex than this one, and this never happened to me.


      My qvw takes 120Mb disk space, and 4Gb RAM. Sometimes, for some expressions, takes about 10 sec of 99% CPU (in a Phenom II x6, 4Ghz, 16GB RAM 2100Mhz Kingston Beast, 2 RAID SATA 3 HD), but it isn't the problem.


      Sometimes, even if I go from a tab with a very simple table to another with the same table, the client is not responding by 15 seconds. The mouse cursor looks like it is "waiting to response" only in the QV app, and CPU charge value starts to change in random values between 5 and 99 %.


      This application, in another pc, has no problems. What could be bad in my PC?



      Thanks in advance!!

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          Patricio Solari

          When loading documents in my desktop I have noticed that even if the script is simple, When there is an aggregation (group by) and the number of records is big there is a period of time where the document stays frozen. Also noticed that all the memory of my pc is used by that aggregation. Only released when I close all qlikview occurrences on my pc.

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            Andrew Pettit

            I would first ask what are the spec differences between your two machines? 


            The next questions on my mind would be:


            Are you using the Now() function anywhere in the application?  Including within a variable value.  If you are using the Now() function QlikView may be continuously reevaluating the expressions that utilize this function considering now is a constantly changing value.  For example is your create a text object where the text property is "=Now()" you can watch the time change constantly as QlikView keeps recalculating and updating the object.


            Do you have any non-associated "data-islands" in your QVW?  If you have two fields from two decent sized tables that share no method of associating the data between QlikView will try to process all rows from one table with a full outer join to the other table, basically joining everything to everything.  This can be highly inefficient and can cause performance problems when this happens.


            Are you utilizing any document triggers and actions?  If there is a circular reference here is it possible you are also using two different versions of QlikView; one where QlikView detects and terminates the self referencing loop and another where it does not do so near as quickly.


            Do you have a lot of Hidden Objects or Hidden chart columns/expressions?  Again if your two machines are by chance running different versions of QlikView I believe in one of the 11.2 release a bug was introduced that caused hidden objects to still calculate.  This was corrected in 11.2 SR4 according to the release notes.