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    Can QDS/DSC referring LDAP user via ODBC group, in NTFS mode?

    Jonas Heisterkamp

      Hi All,
      is it possible to configure DSC that way, that users will be add to file when a group is referred?


      The goal is to manage all NTFS user in a DB. One solution is to load the user in the document and make a loop and distribute.

      Then I notice that custom users with the same name as a ntfs users will create a ntfs entry at the qvw. This can check against a LDAP. Next step in my mind is to create a user group, this contains all user for one dashboard. Then distribute a dashboard to this group, but the problem is that only the users have a similar entry in LDAP, not the group. Can I configure the Publisher/DSC that way, that the users behind a Custom/ODBC group will be referred in distribution instead the group.

      Scenario Goal:

      1. Manage User in DB(add user DOMAIN\USER1 and DOMAIN\USER2 to group A)
      2. Distribute dashboard.qvw to group A (Problem: Distribute to user when the group is referred)
      3. User can enter via NTFS/LDAP(Username DOMAIN\USER1 and DOMAIN\USER2 also in LDAP)
      4. Delete/Add user to group in DB will effect NTFS entry with next distribution

      Thanks and regards,