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    Listen to command and data pipe



      I'm writing a dissertation about a QlikView connector at my University. I'm currently working on the part describing the transfer of commands and data between the connector and QlikView. My question is: Is it possible to tap in on the command pipe and data pipe to see what is transfered? I'm quite green with Visual Studio, but from my understanding it is possible to attach to a process with Visual Studio. Would this make it possible to read what is sent via the pipes?


      The SDK documentation gives a fairly good description of what's going on, but I'd like to extend it a bit as well as verify that I've understood it correctly.


      As a side question the SDK docs says:

      "You will come across at least two different ways of running and debugging your connector. The first is running the standalone connector from within Visual Studio. In this case Visual Studio will automatically be attached to the connector which in turn makes it possible to debug it."


      Does the mean that debug messages added by calls to QvxLog.Log() is somehow visible in Visual Studio when I run it from within Visual studio? I've looked everywhere for output from the log, but it is nowhere to be found. On the other hand I can't find any logfiles being created by the connector when it's called from QlikView neither. The docs on debug and logging is fairly vague imho.