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    I want the solution for my case either with set analysis or any other suitable way

      I want to calculate the aggregate sum of past 2 values + current value + next 2 values with set analysis. With or Without set analysis it works as expect.

      But, when I zoom the chart we are not getting the actual result. Since I used set analysis.


      I need the following,

      Consider this is my data,


      I need to plot data for `13/08/2011` would be `(2056+112+95+1069+125)` in the same we need to calculate for each date


      I am trying with the following expression


         It works fine:  `RangeSum(Below(Sum(Value),1,3)) + RangeSum(Above(Sum(Value),1,3)) + Sum(Value)`


      For zooming i used set analysis as follows,


          RangeSum(Below(Sum({<Date=>}Value),1,3)) + RangeSum(Above(Sum({<Date=>}Value),1,3)) + Sum({<Date=>}Value)


      Not working as expect. Please help me to get rid of this.