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    RFC connection for data loads between SAP-BW and Publisher

    Yaniv Feldman



      We are an Enterprise with 2 TB size for SAP-BW.

      This is our BI architecture:

      SAP BW as data warehouse with BEx tools for detailed analysis

      QlikView load server (using Publisher) for data loads

      QlikView Server for Dashboards and other QV reports


      We realized that we require a robust interface between our data load processes in BW and in Publisher.

      To achieve that we established an RFC interface between the systems.

      This makes a synchronous connection between BW Process Chains and the Publisher Tasks.

      This way we can easily connect between the Data Load Processes in different systems and receive alerts for any failures in RFC calls.


      To achieve this we made the following steps:

      1. we created an RFC server in the Publisher side using SAP .exe file: RFCEXEC.exe

          This program "listens" to an RFC channel with the BW server group and executes Publisher tasks using EDX trigger (the call is made        using QV powertool: QMSEDX.exe )

      2. After that we created an RFC Destination (type TCP IP) in BW - registered with the RFCEXEC.exe instance in the Publisher side.

      3. After that we used report SRFCEXEC* in BW in order to trigger EDX calls in the publisher side (this report is a standard for using RFCEXEC.exe )

      4. We inserted an ABAP step into our Process Chains in BW, calling report SRFCEXEC* - thus triggering EDX Tasks in Publisher.


      This way we control Schedule, Timing, Success/Failures of data loads between BW and QV Publisher.


      * Report SRFCEXEC doesn't have Return Codes. So we created report ZSRFCEXEC which uses SY-SUBRC to set status of the Process Chain step thus enabling to send Email alerts in case of Process Chain failure and proper indication in RSPCM.


      If you require such connectivity between SAP system and QV Publisher - please don't hesitate to contact me and I will be glad to help.


      Yaniv Feldman