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    How do you handle large reloads of QVWs (1GB and more)?

      Hi gurus,


      I would like to know how do you handle and manage large QVWs (>1GB) if they should be updated more than once a day.

      We do have 3 tiered layer

      1) QVD 1:1 (3 GB) - join historic and new data into one table - 25 Minutes

      2) QVD with certain joins, logic ... (4 GB) - not an optimized qvd load caused by calculations - 55 Minutes

      3) QVW loads everything from 2nd QVD layer in Quality Layer (1 GB) - join several tables, many of them as qvd optimized - 17 Min

      4) QVW has to be published via publisher into access point (1 GB) - 5 Min


      If just one new record comes from the data source, then first and second layer, both with 10 Million records have to be refreshed.

      Finally QVW has to be re-processed from scratch. Afterwards QVW has to be saved on HDD and then copied into another folder as productive.


      Is there any other method to do this faster and more efficient?? - without dropping any fields in the qvd table ...


      Thank you very much in advance for any inputs.