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    "Ghost" Documents and CALs



      I have two issues, both equally as confusing. 


      First, I have a document showing in Documents > User Documents which I can not find on the server.  I ran a search on my hard drive, and nothing showed up; furthermore, I have checked all mounted user document folders, and again, nothing.  Has anyone seen something similar?  I tried to restart the services, to no avail.


      Second, when I go through all Documents in Documents > User Document, and add up the values for "Document CALs allocated to this Document", I come up with a number X.  However, when I go to Systems > Licenses, and look at the Number of Document CAL's assigned, it doesn't agree.  There are an extra 5 CALs being claimed somewhere, yet I can't find the document claiming these?


      Note, it is not the mystery document reference in my first question, I confirmed this document is claiming 0 CALs.