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    Unable to access the document



      We have applied section access to one of the application/document. Now user names are present in the excel and we have assigned "dynamic CAL allocation" activated. So users must able to access the application/document using Document CAL but the things is they are not able to access it. When they clicked on that document/application they get the error message as "Failed to open the document, you don't have access to it".


      When I checked their names under QMC--> Documents--> UserDocuments--> Document CALs, I am not able to see their names.

      What will be the issue?




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          When We use section access this error comes due to data in which we applied section access.




          USER1, NORTH

          USER2, SOUTH

          USER3, *


          1-If SOUTH is not available in Region field and we use section access then document will not be open and says "failed to open".

          2-Firstly check application without section access and use by any user

          then use only NTNAME in section access after that use Region(whatever field you are using for section access).

          Check your Document tab->Opening-> Initial data reduction based on section access and no tick on strict exclusion for checking.

          go step by step you will solve your problem.

          Which Authorization  method, you are using

            NTFS authorization (Windows controls file access) 

            DMS authorization (QlikView controls file access) 



          Warm Regards

          Vimlesh Gupta