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    Qlikview Hangs when connecting to Cloudera

      I am using Qlikview Personal Edition v11 for data visualization. Where I am using Cloudera ODBC connectors, to connect to couldera Hive and impala database in order to pull data to qlikview.


      Now, the table in hive has just 1000 records. I am able to get the test connection successful. After which Even I am able to see all the tables, I am also able to select a table, and see all the columns too. But when I am trying to Execute the script after selecting a table, It is going to an endless loop. Qlikview is showing the below screen, and is not responding. I have tried many a times, even waited for 3 hours, still no use.

      qv hangs.png


      Kindly Let me know what is the issue.

      P.S. I have another application working and accessing Hive/Impala, which uses JDBC. I have tried with JDBC Connectors too. But Still seems the same issue.