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      Hi All


      How do I schedule my QVW file to reload Weekdays Only, every four hours between 8am - 5pm? I seems I only have either / or options and not able to select which days and which times together?


      Here is a glimpse of what I see:


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          I don't think this is possible using the QlikView Server alone. I see two options:


          1. Buy a QlikView Publisher which allows you to configure more advanced reload schedules
          2. Trigger reloads using an external scheduling tool
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            Mark James

            Hello Bruce,


            What you can consider is actually applying a trigger on the reload task of the document itself. Firstly, create a task just for a reload of the document. Once this is created you can go into the properties of the task and navigate to triggers. As you can see in the image below you have various options to control the frequency of document reload.


            I hope this helps.


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