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    qlikview and adp

    Ola Car


      Does anyone have some experience with QV and ADP (www.adp.com, online time reporting software)?


      I have found a press release indicating that ADP Netherlands have built some stuff using QV but I cannot seem to get a hold of anyone that knows what that was. ADP offers its clients unique added value with QlikView Reporting and Analysis | QlikView


      What I am looking for primarily is a connector, not sure if QVSource has one (does not look like it). And perhaps also not necessary to re-invent the wheel if there are some good things out there already.



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          Paul Verkooijen

          Hi Ola,


          However I suspect the access to this data will not be available as a internet source

          I would suggest you contact ADP .

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            Gysbert Wassenaar

            ADP Netherlands offers Qlikview for use with its Workforce HRM software. That does not involve any connector. Most the data is loaded from the Oracle or MS-SQL Server database where the Workforce data is stored in. Other additional optional data is loaded from excel or text files.

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              Advait Thakur

              Hello Ola,

              This is regarding your concern about QlikView and ADP. I know it's late to reply but reverting you now so everyone in community gets some knowledge and information.

              ADP (Earlier-Kerridge) can get integrate with QlikView. ADP is extensively used in Automative industry and I have implemented QlikView earlier. One has to perform the technical qualification and there are two approaches to connect to ADP Kerridge system. One also has to understand two approaches to connect Autoline DB to QlikView.


              1-Customize ODBC Driver is available to connect and ADP Kerridge will give the license key. Customer has to pay small amount according to number of driver license to ADP.

              2-The IT dept (customer) can build a consolidation mapping layer (bunch of tables) which can be store in SQL or MS Access DB and then you may connect with standard ODBC/OLEDB.


              Any of the above connects well but I will recommend you to go with option 1 always, once ODBC/OLEDB is define you may fetch the necessary tables and it works same like Oracle, SQL.

              I have also attached one of the success story along with this. Please find the attachment and below link.

              ADP offers its clients unique added value with QlikView Reporting and Analysis | Qlik


              I believe this is informative and helpful to everyone.