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    Range of Quarter

    Rajashmita Kar

      Hi Guys..I have field Quarter which has quarter value as 3Q14, 4Q14 like that, How can i select range of quarter selected.


      For example i want to select quarter range from 3Q13 to 2Q14. I tried with input box but its not working ,its working only for date.


      Please help me

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          Tresesco B

          Possibly, it is not working because your quarter dimension is merely a text representation and not a proper date. Still there would be work around, could you please post a sample?

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              Rajashmita Kar

              Example i have Target_Quarter and Sales field.


              Target_Quarter    Sales

                  1Q12                10

                  2Q12                20

                  3Q12                30

                  4Q12                10

                  1Q13                18

                  2Q13                17

                  3Q13                20

                  4Q13                21

                  1Q14                25

                  2Q14                10

                  3Q14                16

                  4Q14                17


              its just a small example, if suppose i want to see sales of only 2Q12 to 1Q14??only that range should be selected.How can i achieve this.

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              Tresesco B

              As I said it would be a workaround (because the best option is to create quarter using QuarterName() function to get proper date representation that allows comparison unlike this text.).


              PFA for alternate solution.