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    What will happen when a user access a QVW from Access point ?


      Hi All,


      I am curious to know the exact flow of what will happen when a user try to access  Qlikview application (QVW) from access point.


      I mean in terms of the following


      (1) Authentication

      (2) Authorization

      (3) Data transfer from server to user browser

      (4) what will happen when user change selection

      (5) what will happen another user access the same QVW file. Will server maintains two copies in its RAM ?

      (6) What will happen when user closes the QVW from access point

      (7)  If QVW size is 1GB.Will all the data loaded in to user browser first time



               only data related to default selection will be loaded into User browser ?


      Can you please help me out ?

      Thanks in advance,