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    Recovering Doc CAL's from a Document where .shared file got corrupted



      I want to recover all my Doc CAL's from a document which has it's shared file corrupted. How do I know that the shared file is corrupted? I tried to add users to the Document, so went inside QMC, I clicked on the Document, it says processing , and then nothing happens, the right hand of the page where I am supposed to see " Authorization " etc goes blank. Stalls other Documents as well. I refresh the page and now other Documents opens fine except this. Restarting services didn't work. Now, I got this pdf which talks about recovering Doc CAL's for deleted QVW's. My QVW is not deleted. So, if I remove this QVW along with .shared and .meta files, and again add the same QVW with the same name in the same mount point, would it show me the Doc CAL's along with it's assignment to the users?


      Appreciate your experience sharing,