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    Section Access with big data

    Dimitri Obrant

      Hello QlikView Community,


      who has experience with Section Access together with big data?


      we use QlikView 11.2 SR3. The App is 1,4 GB and has 60 millions recordsets.

      The Publisher makes daily reload and afterwards preload.

      The Section Access table will be load from SQL Server.

      Ca. 200 users have some different rights. Every user can see his data only. It works fine.



      Our Problem: first time load performance. After preload on server every user has to wait ca. 40 sec for load of application. If we disable Section Access is the load time 1 sec only. The caching doesn't work first time because most users have different access rights.


      What is the cause of this delay? What can we do?


      Please not suggest the solutions "reduce the data" or "split the app". It is not possible.