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    Employee visit chart

      Hi all,

      I have a real trouble with this chart, hope somebody can help me


      I need to show the presence of employees at work as a two-coloured bar where one colour is the worktime and the other is permanent absence time. In the organization we have 4 types of work statuses(Present, Absent , Delay and Permanent absence) and a number of additional statuses for the status "Permanent absence" - e.g. Dinner, Business trip...


      The next status starts at the same time when the previous ends, so I have 2 fields for each status - Starttime and Endtime


      The best solution I've found is to make a Gant chart. But it works only for different phases and if I have 2 statuses of presence each day(before and after dinner) - I can't see the dinner time. For better diversification I've concatenated the status with the previous status


      Another problem is that I have a status "Absent" which starts at one day and stops onle the next day, so this chart works absolutely incorrect

      Here's the example


      Hope, you've catched the idea and thanks in advance for any help...