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    Dimension Limit Top 5 and Other help?

    Rodrick Gilliam

      I have a chart I am trying to apply dimension limits to a particular Dimension. I want to get the Top 5 used promos and other promos lumped into the Other category(this actually give me the top4 with other counting as the 5th, which is fine). We have been running a particular promo that is going to always be the most used promo, because it is simply the best deal we have.  This would be the promo code HM, there is also a promo code LB that is actually the same as the HM code.  A few of our stores use either/or to apply this deal.  Anyway, knowing the HM should be the top promo, I can't figure out how to properly set up Dimension limits to give me the data the way I would expect it to display with the Dimension limit set.


      I have the data attached.  The left chart shows how the data should appear before applying the dimension limit.  The right chart is the same except for the Dimension limit has been set.


      Thank you in advance,