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    Filtering in charts where dimension set by variable

      Good day one and all,


      I am having a minor frustration with something relating to variables, filtering and clearing said filters.


      I have a variable which toggles between being set as 'Admitting' and 'Discharging'.  In a chart I am using a calculated dimension which uses the variable to determine whether to bring in the admitting column or the discharging column.


      E.g. with the variable set to 'Admitting' the admitting column values display along with the related vales in contained with the expression:

      Chart 1.png



      If a value from the admitting column is selected, the data is filtered to show just this value (which is what I would be expecting).



      Normally in Qlikview you click on the value again (in this case Medical Oncology) to clear the filter/selection.  This is where I am having the issue, as no amount of clicking will clear the filter/selection.  The only way is to use clear all or the back button - neither of which are ideal.


      Does anyone have any experience of this? Is this something that is just a quirk of Qlikview (due to using a variable) or is it something that can be resolved?


      Many thanks