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    Section Acess publisher Issues



        We are trying to use section access with publisher and we are having one main issue. We try the section access with USERID on the  desktop  edition it works. However we are having issues when we use
      NTNAME on the publisher server.



      • We are currently importing the access table from SQL.
      • In publisher, Create a task to reload our dashboard. We logged in to the server
        using the domain service account.
      • Once reload is completed, we publish the dashboard on the web server.
      • Logon to the portal using my USERID and try to connect to the dashboard
      • When the data loads, it is reducing as per the domain service account ID (This is
        a valid entry in the access table)instead of my Portal USER ID.


      When I test the whole thing without going through publisher it is correctly loading only  data relevant to my windows ID

      I am not sure if there is any configuration I have missed. Can anyone  please advise?






      Thanks a lot.