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    Set session CAL release time?



      anyone knows if it's possible to set the release time of a session CAL license?


      I thought QVS releases a session CAL automatically every time a user close the session but the license remains opened,


      could it be related to the open document time?



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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Session calls have a minimum session time of 15 minutes. If the session is closed after that time the session cal should be released immediately. From the Server Reference Manual:


          A Session CAL allows any user, identified or anonymous/unidentified, on one QlikView

          client to access as many QlikView documents as may reside on the server or server cluster to

          which the Session CAL is assigned for a minimum period of 15 minutes. For Session CALs,

          the QlikView client refers to each unique instance of the QlikView client (for example, the

          AJAX client, QlikView Desktop, or the Internet Explorer plugin) on the user’s machine. The

          minimum session time for a Session CAL is 15 minutes, which means that sessions that end

          in less than 15 minutes will still consume the session until the 15 minute mark is passed;

          those which terminate after 15 minutes will consume their actual session length. By default,

          there is no maximum session length, but this can be configured.