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    business rule using a loop?

    Aissam Boumejjane

      Hi Guys,


      I struggling to create a loop to translate a specific business rule.

      I need to create a rule in Qlikview that loops trough the the dates that an employee called sick.

      If the last sickness date of that employee  is smaller than 28 days,  then the duration of the last sickness day,

      should be accumulated with the duration of the last sickness duration.

      If the sickness between the previous sickness date is longer than 28 days, then the duration of the last sickness is being used.


      I really hope the above is clear. My apologize for my English.

      To clarify the above, please look excel file. and the QV file.


      Please let me know if you have any questions or if the above is not clear.