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    Copying/Cloning Qlikview Server



      Does anybody know if it is technically possible to copy/close a qlikview server?


      We have a Live server and a test server.  We have just discovered that one of the departments who use the server have not kept the Live and Test server in sync (i.e. they've not logged onto our test server).  Thus, when we upgrade our test server to 11.2, none of their qvw's etc will be available to test.  Therefore, they want us to copy the entire Live server instance over to the Test Server hardware.


      Is this even possible?  I have reservations but they are adamant it can be done.  Can anyone advise me of how this could be done and the issues that I will encounter while trying to perform this.


      Alternatively, if not possible, could you advise me why not?



      Many thanks