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    Expression Total & Dimension Limits

    Edgar Baltazar

      Hi ALL!


      I've developed some report using a Straight Table , the main idea is to show the list of partners that make the sales percentage that you select on a Slider Object, It seems to work as I expected the only Issue that I can't solve is the TOTAL on a column where I show the Quarter over Quarter Growth Percentage because it always show the total Growth even If I'm filtering the list of partners that make the 10% of the sales or any other percentage distinct to 100% , I suspect that this is because the total mode  that I selected for this expressions is 'Expression TOTAL' and this do not take on count the Dimension Limits that is what Im using to display the list of clients according to the percentage on the slider...


      Do you know if is there something that I could do to solve this?


      Please see the attached images and the sample .QVW


      Best Regards!


      Selecting 100% of the Sales...



      Selecting 50% of the Sales... same QoQ Growth!



      Selecting 10% of the Sales... same QoQ Growth!