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    if condition in dimension of pivot chart

    Praveena Velagapudi

      This is in pivot chart edit Dimension:

      As there are many categories, i need to only few of them categories and remaining or nulls as unknown category:


      if([DISEASE_SUBCAT]='Type I'or'Type II' or 'Type III' or 'Hurler' or 'Hurler-Scheie'or 'Scheie' or 'Infantile-onset'or'Late-onset' or 'Late-onset NO Cardiac Hypertrophy',DISEASE_SUBCAT,'Unknown') 

      this is not working  for somehow seems to be no error in writing expression... cant find what wrong with it..

      but  when I write nested if it is working


      if(DISEASE_SUBCAT='Type I','Type I',

      if(DISEASE_SUBCAT='Type II','Type II',

      if(DISEASE_SUBCAT='Type III','Type III',






      if(DISEASE_SUBCAT='Late-onset NO Cardiac Hypertrophy','Late-onset NO Cardiac Hypertrophy','Unknown')))))))))


      now i need to to add extra condition for above with disease and disease subcategory showing only blank space for disease subcat which has null() for particular disease with out showing unknown


      if((DISEASE_SUBCAT=isnull() and disease='Fabry'), [Disease_Subcat]=null()) as blank space
      Can someone help me with this!!