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    Unable to Edit Modules

      While testing a macro I used some invalid code (incorrect syntax). Unfortunately this appears to have corrupted the whole macro functionality in the document as even when I press 'Edit Module' it does not bring up the edit box, but exits the button dialogue box completely and switches the active window to another maximised window such as Chrome, or to the main QV window if I have no other windows open.


      Even after deleting the 'Run Macro' action and trying to recreate I get exactly the same behaviour, this extends to deleting the button and recreating, restarting the QV app or even restating the whole system. I am simply not subsequently able to open the edit macro box anywhere in the document. Creating macros in a new separate document works just fine though even while the original corrupted document is open in the background, so it's a document level issue, not the entire QV client.


      Has anybody else experienced this issue? I can replicate it just by creating a button with a macro action with some random text in the script, e.g. 'asd'. I cannot then figure out any way to fix this and get the macro functionality back. I'm running QV 11.20 on Windows 7 64 bit.