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    Offering: Qlikview Freelancer services



      I am a Qlikview developer (the one that develops the document for the final user, dashboards), with experience in developing documents for the highest levels of management.


      So, why hiring me?


      -  I have experience in connecting to not complex databases, Wordpress, Salesforce, ODBCs databases, etc.

      - Salesforce integration and development inside the Salesforce and then make the qlikview files of it.

      - Concept of focusing in the end user needs and making end users having the best experience with the program, with a layour user-friendly and self-explanatory, bringing the maximum easiness of use for Ipads and smartphones.

      - If you are small/medium company, with a small/medium project and want to save money on your budget and hours of more specialized people, this will be one of a good choice.

      - If you are based in Brazil and prefer to talk to someone of your country.


      If you want to know more about my services and see some of my work, send an e-mail to: julioc008@yahoo.com.br, or send a message here at the community.


      Thank you all!